Happy Friday!

Here are my top 2 stories of the day.

1. New York and Silicon Valley aren’t the only tech City’s

With big cities like San Francisco and New York, the cost of living is so expensive that now tech salaries can’t support living there. So to help, some nontraditional cites have begun to pop up. Here are 5 of the newest sites that are now becoming tech cites. Columbus, Ohio, Des Moines, IA, Dallas, TX, Cedar Rapids, IA, and Colorado Springs, CO. Most of these cites are much cheaper to live in and big tech companies have moved offices there. Some don’t pay as much as a bigger city, but the upside is you can start there and grow yourself.

2. The newest in Robot Companions

Meet Vector, to date, the smallest at home robot and maybe the cheapest. Vector is a fully A.I. coordinated robot that can move around your countertop or desk. He can do everything like a Jibo or Alexa, but is smaller, cuter, and at only $250, cheaper than Jibo which is $900. Vector has voice assistant, ability to play games, news, reminders, he has a little arm so you can fist bump him. With A.I. becoming a new norm, Vector, in my eyes, is the top contender.

Thanks for reading and have a great weekend!

-Dylan L.