Happy Monday! Here are my top news stories of the day!

1. Google is expanding outside of Silicon Valley

Google announced today that Congress invested $1 billion for its new New York City office. It wants to more than double its workforce in the city and build a new building in the Hudson Valley. The company will gain 1.7 million square feet and will be able to employ about 7,000 new employees. They plan to open the new building in 2020; 2022 the latest. Google has had a great amount of success in New York. They originally started in a small space in California and grew to open buildings in Detroit, Los Angeles, Boulder, Colorado, Tennessee, and Alabama. This is now an incentive for other big tech companies to expand and grow in other cites. Apple and Amazon have been the two to make their own stand. Apple will expand to Austin Texas, and Amazon will open new offices in both New York and Washington. I think these moves are good and will help these cities and states immensely.

2. Four day work weeks are getting even more attention!

In a lot of foreign countries, four day work weeks are already a thing, and more and more countries are getting on board. The benefits are great and companies are seeing the effect it has on their employees. Some benefits are higher productivity, more motivated staff, and less burnout. In New Zealand, an insurance company tested out a 32-hour workweek earlier this year and reported a drop in stress. Now Britain’s Trade Union Congress is pushing for this new approach. A survey taken world-wide with 3,000 employees showed that a lot of workers work over 40 hours. With the US having 49% saying they worked overtime. As this does sound like a great thing, again there are a lot of factors that counter this movement. What field you work in, your position in the ranks, can your CEO handle the drop in revenue. There are a lot of organizations that want to stop these ideas, but others want it, as a lot of Americans are overworked. So who knows if America will jump on board; I think a few years of development and thinking would have to take place first. 

That’s all for today. See you tomorrow!

-Dylan L.