Welcome back. Hope everyone enjoyed the long weekend!

Here is my top story of the day.

1. Could you do your job in 5 hours?

A new study from the workforce institute says most people could! As we went back to work this morning tired and probably not in the best mood, this may be a game-changer. No more working 8-hour workdays, this new research says you could only have to work 5-hour days. The study had over 3,000 participants from all over the country and world; North America, Europe, Australia, and India. 45% of the participants said it worked. Now there are a lot of factors that counter this new research. Just having social media and long work-meetings is just a start. Some participants said pay-cuts wouldn’t even matter, as long as they either had a short work day or even an extra day added. I wouldn’t be upset with shorter work days. You could still work longer if you wanted, your schedule would be less hectic, and it would be easier to work. Now which fields and businesses would agree is a whole different topic. So who knows?!

Thanks for reading!

-Dylan L.