Happy Tuesday! Here is my top story of the day!

1. The winners of Amazon’s HQ2 have been announced.

Amazon has finally announced where its two new headquarters will be; Long Island City, NY and Arlington, VA. Amazon will be investing an overall $5 billion for both offices and will help give about 25,000 people new employment. As well, Amazon will be creating a new operations center in Nashville, TN which will help give 5,000 people employment. With Amazon now having three offices in three states that swing blue, it’s a good way to help show the tech companies are here and don’t conform to the scrutiny that, in general, tech companies are getting. A new battleground is now emerging between Google and Amazon, as they both have offices in New York. The announcement was shocking when the company stated they would split evenly on two locations rather than one. Amazon says that it will hire the best and top tech talent it can find. And by having headquarters in 2 new locations, this will certainly happen.

Thank you so much for reading and I will see you guys later!

-Dylan L.