Happy Wednesday! Here is my top news story of the day!

1. The new way all of America will be receiving alerts.

And when I say alerts I mean everything from Amber alerts to Weather. These alerts are something that we all receive, especially weather, but FEMA wants to take it a step further. The message will appear as a bubble like any other notifications on our smartphone. It’s essentially like having that blue screen on our tv’s and the loud siren sound and then to voice say “this is in case of an emergency.” There was supposed to be a test that went all across America today on every smartphone in America. President Trump was supposed to give the okay and FEMA would go to work. It was set to happen at 2:18pm Eastern time, but I didn’t get any notification. Did you get a notification? I think it’s a really smart way of notifying Americans of any threats or news.

Thanks for reading! See you tomorrow!

-Dylan L.